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Friday, August 11, 2017

Don't try to play blue whale game: Hey guy, game become very popular among us. We all love to play game but when game try to kill you, you should stop to play the games. Today I am going to discuss killer game "blue whale"

Don't try to play blue whale game, It will kill you


  • The Blue Whale challenge is a set of instructions delivered online
  • It tasks people to hurt themselves in real life
  • There seem to be some cases in India now

Have you heard of the Blue Whale "game"? Chances are you have. This game, or let's just say "thing", is one big talking point right now because it is making many in the world harm themselves. It's virtual. And yet it is making people do activities in the real world, activities that involve self harm and even suicide. More than 100 people, mostly teens, allegedly committed suicide because they were "playing" the Blue Whale game. Even in India, there is a talk that recently when a teen in Mumbai committed suicide he took the extreme step after "playing" the Blue Whale.

The problem with the whole hypothesis is that the Blue Whale is not a game. And no, it has not forced people to commit suicide. People have nudged children to commit suicide. Realising this is important to understand the Blue Whale and keep your kids safe from it.
Before talking about what is the Blue Whale, let's clear a few misconceptions:
@-Blue whale is not a app so you can't install it in your mobile. 

@-Blue whale is not a game so you can't instalit it in your computer from web.

@-There no particular app, website or service from where you can access this game.

If it is not an app or game, what is it ?
The best way to understand the Blue Whale is to look at the Ice Bucket Challenge, which too went viral on the web. The Ice Bucket Challenge spread after social media people tagged their friends and asked them to complete it. This was all for a good cause. It was simple. And a lot of people took up the challenge.

The Blue Whale is a sort of phenomenon. But a sick phenomenon. It may have had a beginning in Russia -- the guy who reportedly came up with it is called Philipp Budeikin and he is now in jail -- but now this whole thing is gone viral. It now has a life of its own where the sick and psychos from across the world are searching for vulnerable teens with who they can toy with.

Blue whale:what to do about it.
Blue whale is an app or game or virus so you can scan it from antivirus so tell your friends and kid to avoid it.

Don't talk to strangers on the web or in public forums because they can add you in blue whale game group.

Be always happy