Top 5 upcoming projects of NASA

Top 5 upcoming projects of NASA:- hey guys, first of all thanks for landing on NASA or the National Aeronautics and space Administration is a part of united State government that deals with space exploration and Aeronautics. NASA's mission, projects and activities are guaranteeing the united State will remain the world's pionner in space investigation. Here is what's next for NASA:

Top 5 upcoming projects of NASA

1. The next Mars Rover - 2020

With President Obama reporting that he want to put a man on red planet by 2030, the officers of NASA working to gather as much information about Mars as possible. The Mars 2020 Rover mission is part of exploration program a long term effort of Robotic exploration of red planet. A wide assortment of optical gadgets will catch huge amount of data, including a fine grained spectrometer that will look mineral specimen for any hints of natural issue.

2. James Webb space telescope

The James Webb space telescope is a space telescope that is a part of NASA's next generation space telescope program. NASA's Webb telescope will study our solar system's "ocean world". The James Webb space telescope will find the first galaxies that formed in early universe and searching for primary stars that framed in our universe.

3. Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle

The Orion multi-purpose Crew vehicle is an American spacecraft intended to carry a crew of four astronaut to destination at or beyond low earh orbit. It provides emergency abort capability, sustain the crew during the space travel and provide safe re-entry from deep space return velocity.

4. Solar probe plus

Solar probe plus mission is the first mission that will enter into sun's upper atomsphere and touch the sun. The spacecraft will collect data on mechanisms that heat the Corona and accelerated the solar wind, a constant flow of charge particles from the sun. It will be launch in 2018.

5. Space launch system

NASA,s space launch system will be the most powerful system that they have ever built. It is a part of NASA's deep space exploration plans including a manned mission to Mars. SLS is designed to be flexible and evolvable, to meet a variety of crew and cargo mission needs. From that point, NASA intends to utilize it to arrive a kept an eye on vehicles on space rock around 2025.

So this is a list of upcoming projects going on in NASA, giving an end to list. Hope you all find the article amazing. Stay tunned

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